Easy Ways of Going Green at Home

It is becoming increasingly popular to change the way we live and start a green lifestyle. Being environmentally friendly is good economics for our homes, budget and the world we live in. There are hundreds of things we can do to play our part in helping out the environment, so why not start today using our help. Are you eco-friendly enough?

Stop sending so much rubbish to the landfill

We all have things that need throwing out, old furniture, ruined clothes and parts for the house, but rather than sending them all to be chucked on a landfill, there are alternatives. There will be various recycling schemes where you can send your old items and rather than letting them go to waste, they can easily be restored. Donate your old furniture.

If you wish to get rid of old computers, TV’s and monitors then Restructa can take away any of your old electrical equipment and they have the ability to salvage components for reuse.

Buying energy efficient products

Energy efficient products have ratings of their energy usage, which is always something to look out for when buying household products. Products that are designed to be energy efficient consume less energy that provides the same service as what other appliances would. Their ratings are from A to G, with A being the most energy efficient.

Preventing energy loss

Heat is lost through windows, doors and walls. It is important that you have all of the right products installed throughout your property otherwise you risk paying more for energy that is escaping.

Calcium Zinc based compounds are often used in the manufacturing of eco friendly doors as this is kinder to the planet than led based compounds.  Door-Stop’s doors currently exceed the expectations for energy efficient doors with a U-Value of 1W/m2K which provides the ultimate proof to your property. Continue reading.

Rooflights offer your home eco-friendly benefits, but it also creates an architectural masterpiece. They help you to save money, consume less energy and reduce your carbon emissions, whilst diminishing your dependence on artificial lighting as you are exposed to the sun much more often. Click here to see what rooflights are suitable for your flat roof.

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