What is research telling us about biodiversity?

The environment around us is changing, that means changes in fauna and flora habitats and how they are coping with the ever-changing world. Below we have listed recent research that is helping us to understand flora and fauna species. Discover the reporting system.

epa-logoEnvironmental change

As humans are causing rapid change to a species environment, it can reduce size and habitat quality which can alter a species lifestyle process.

Researchers are currently exploring how both species and communities reposed to such drastic changes in their environment, as well as the migration of species are affected and finally how evolutionary processes influence the pace of a species growth. Find out more.

Population Ecology

Research is going into discovering how important certain factors are in relevance to the influence of population size of species.See: Population Ecology.

These factors include:

  • Predators
  • Diseases
  • Access to resources, e.g. food
  • Natural & human disturbance

Expert research from a reliable team

Moores Glass team up with us as part of research development. We use their supplies to help with experiments involving biodiversity and the environment.

Most recently, we have been using their ultra-high vacuum optic viewports. There are used in vacuum chambers to create a visual in energy transmissions in such systems. Ours were custom made so they could match the specifications that were needed for our system.

The makeup of a UHV viewport will depend on the:

  • Temperature bake ratings
  • Seal type
  • Connection fitting speciation
  • Vacuum leak rates
  • Operating pressure rang
  • Transmission performance
  • Coatings, e.g. anti reflection