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 Recycle your waste 2017There are plenty of things we can do as individuals and communities to be eco-friendly at home.

General household and commercial waste ends up in landfill unless it is sorted and recycled.

Landfill sites are essentially pits full of our decomposing waste. During the decomposition process toxic gases are released into the air and local waterways, polluting our environment and affecting the biodiversity of the landscape.

So you can see why it is so important for us to minimise the volume of waste entering landfill.

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Here are 3 ways to minimise landfill usage:


Using fewer products in the first place is a great way to minimise waste. A current example of this is the 5p bag scheme.

Instigating a small charge across the UK for plastic bags has dramatically reduced the number used – 85% fewer plastic bags have been used in the six months.

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Instead of replacing things why not repair them? It is often more economical to repair appliances than to buy new ones. If there is something you don’t want anymore you can donate it.

Charity shops will often collect larger furniture items as well as smaller household goods. Just because you don’t want it anymore doesn’t mean someone else won’t!


These days more and more materials can be recycled. Collections of household recycling usually cover paper, cardboard, plastics and glass but many other items can be recycled as well.

Whether at home or in a commercial environment, you can hire professional recycling services to remove your waste and be sure that everything that can be recycled will be recycled.

This means only the absolute minimum of waste ends up in landfill. Click here for information about recycling services in the Surrey area.

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