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Why our waste services are rubbish for small businesses

Why we need to improve the waste collection services for small businesses

A weak economy, access to finance and the high tax burden are issues that are consistently raised by small businesses day-in day-out.  No surprise there.  But what if I was to say that waste was an issue raised just as a commonly by small businesses as any of the above?

Yes, it’s a huge issue for those that have fewer than 100 employees.  Why? Small businesses find it extremely difficult to access suitable waste and recycling services. Find out more.

Local authorities

Around half of all local authorities do not offer a business waste collection service leaving firms to turn to the private waste/recycling sector.  Find out about producing less waste at work.

However, small businesses are often seen as commercially unattractive by the private waste/recycling sector due to the small quantities of waste they produce.  Indeed, the FSB is becoming increasingly concerned that many SMEs who do not have their waste collected by a local authority often can only attract the services of one private waste/recycling company.

If you are a business of any size in Berkshire, we highly recommend the services of Any Waste. With over 15 years of experience in the industry, they are able to handle your waste in a legal, safe and eco-friendly manner with over 90% of waste being recycled where possible. See: Clearances for Businesses in Berkshire.

Don’t worry about your load size with Any Waste Berkshire. They accept small and large-scale waste collections, whilst offering flexible load sizes.

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